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    marksp answered to the question of Seb Cili : "TSB FLOTATION/ IPO, ANY OPINIONS ON THIS?"
    i would go for US Bancorp. A better bet i think
    5 months ago
    marksp answered to the question of Anonymous : "Do i have to apply for a tax rebate on REIT dividends paid into my SIPP?"
    You will get the rebate IF selftrade hold the stock in tax exempt v no tax exempt nominees. They keep all US stocks in the same pot so you get to pay US witholding tax ebven though you aren't liable for it. Youinvest keeps the stocks in different pots :)
    5 months ago
    marksp answered to the question of Anthony O'Hara-Boyce : "Saving messages,corp actions."
    Why........... open the mail, go to the bottom and the PDF save icon is there. Click on it
    5 months ago
    marksp answered to the question of Mole : "Tax relief on Canadin shares, how do I register a NR103 form?"
    i discovered that Selftrade pay tax deductions even when they aren't due. Seems they hold their overseas stocks in one nominee bucket so if you have stock in a SIPP you pay the same tax as if you didn't Very poor. As I hold US stocks I am changing broker
    5 months ago
    marksp posted on the forum Crap site
    Paying 555 to leave This is a classic case of really poor web design look at the strong sites. HL, III Youinvest. They are all clean and simple Just because technology allows you to do something doesn't mean that you should do it
    5 months ago
    marksp wrote a comment on Pedestrians walk past the Bank of England in the City of London
    A really poor photograph."pedestrians walk" are you sure... ?pedestrians driving would be an interesting picture
    6 months ago
    marksp wrote a comment on File photogrpah shows a gas cooker in Boroughbridge
    WOW....... all that upset and five weeks with no online access to my account while they fiddled with the website was worthwhileCould this be why I am paying the 575 not to have to use their services anymore?
    6 months ago
    marksp answered to the question of Anonymous : "What do people think of this website? "
    I like it so much I am leaving. I have accounts with Youinvest and III. The III account is good Youinvest does not deduct US Witholding Tax in SIPP accounts as SIPPS are recognised pension vehicles. Selftrade deducts 15% for reasons it can't explain. I saw this on the Eqiniti site "Over the next few months Selftrade will ensure your service remains…
    6 months ago
    marksp posted on the forum Equinti Group ?
    I am on my way. Enough of the broken links, searches that don't work, authentication time outs, no response from customer services and the payment of US witholding tax that I am not liable for etc etc. 39 holdings at 15 each is a bit of a pisser but i have no idea why I have been trusting them with my money given that everything is so hard i am…
    7 months ago