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    marksp answered to the question of Anonymous : "Verison shares"
    Do you mean corporate tax or personal. If personal tax, where are you domiciled for tax purposes.If you are UK, you hold the asset in the UK and pay UK tax. Income flows from the US and you pay UK tax, less tax you have paid on the income to the us tax authorities. with a W8 Ben form completed you pay 15% tax on divis. Nothing more to do on ISAs
    2 months ago
    marksp answered to the question of Anonymous : "what is the net deduction on US dividends if Form W8-BEN has been submitted"
    Yes, 15% is the number with the W8 ben. Selftrade apply the rules for their own convenience. in a SIPP the witholding tax should be 0. with selftrade it is 15% with others it is zero.
    2 months ago
    marksp answered to the question of Anonymous : "China New Energy Ltd, how long can a company shares sit not trading Artical 14"
    It may never trade again. This is tied to a other trades going on between Chinese companies in China and shares and debt will be issued. The beauty of AIM for teh companies is that they don't need to disclose much. They can give you a 99% dilution and there is nothing you can do about it. Looking at some of the boards, the idiots seem to think…
    3 months ago
    marksp answered to the question of Anonymous : "Analysts' Objective for 3 months"
    It wasn't up to date so it was pretty useless anyway. Current data is on Digital look - you will need to do some basic maths but it has every broker rec and their target prices
    3 months ago
    marksp answered to the question of Anonymous : "Has anyone heard of They seem good but I could do with a bit more Info. Thanks"
    There are dozens of these Blogs if not hundreds, there are scores of tipsters. There are many authors and their books have great recommendations usually from other authors of tip sheets and get rich quick investment books Digital look will give you the broker consensus on the FT350 share by sharem - if you need more tips than that you are in great…
    3 months ago
    marksp answered to the question of Anonymous : "what is the best way forward with the verizon pay-out if you hold your vodafone shares in an ISA wrapper and don't need the cash?"
    Hi You are confusing two things here. If you hold VOD in your ISA, On the due date you will Hold VOD (the number of shares reduced as they are going to try and hold the price roughly so you will have roughly half as many shares at 220p or so, some VZ shares and some cash You then have the option to sell your VZ shares in a free dealing service. If…
    3 months ago
    marksp answered to the question of Anonymous : "What account do i need to short sell and how does one do it?"
    If you don't know the answer you probably don't need to ask the question. You are asking about shorting a market that is rising. In a rising market, the market tends to lift all the boats. If you short a rising market something bad will need to happen. Go long in a rising market and you make money if nothing happens as the tide is rising
    4 months ago
    marksp answered to the question of Anonymous : "Trying to place stop loss on royal mail this evening as advised this facility would be open after 4.30 ahead of trading tomorrow but having problems... is anyone else.... ??"
    be very careful If you put a stop loss on a share and it opens at a strange price even for a second or two you can be stopped out These stops aren't guaranteed so if you put a stop on at 300p and the price drops quickly to 1p you could be traded anywhere between 300p and 1p I once bought 1000 shares at a Euro each when the price was 12 Euro.…
    6 months ago
    marksp answered to the question of Anonymous : "Large Bid/Offer spread on SLS Does anyone know why SLS has a 40% difference in Bid & Offer prices. It is way larger than with other ITs"
    It depends when you look. On SLS The bid/offer prices are taken from MM quotes. If the MMs take their quotes off at 16:30 Selftrade data will be rubbish Usually the spread is determined by the volume and how safe the MMs feel about holding stock in float Anway the answer to your question is that SLS doesn't have that spread the data you are
    6 months ago
    marksp answered to the question of NinjaTrader : "Why does it take 5 days to withdraw money from trading account?"
    It depends when Selftrade settle I think they trade on T+3 so they won't get the cash cleared until Day 4. 1 day to send on to you makes 5 days If you are reinvesting they don't have to pay until T+3 so.... it is a wash and they will let you use that money immediately but for a woithdrawl they need the cash free and clear in your account
    6 months ago